I am a Digital Product Designer.

I believe in Leading by Design.

Connecting business and design to create meaningful
and seamless web and mobile experiences.

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Hi, I'm Sonali!

For more than 10 years, I’ve been designing applications with a focus not only on how it would look (user interface) but also how it would feel and function (user experience).

Currently working full-time as a Senior Product Designer at Bluebeam, Dallas, TX.

In all these years, I’ve been honored to work with some amazing companies like Kum & Go, Kaleo and more not just as a designer, but as a partner combining strategy, design and research to deliver engaging digital products.

User Experience Designer

Selected Work

From flowmaps, wireframes and prototypes to visual designs, it’s a never ending journey on the path to sharing and expanding my skillset.

Kum & Go &Rewards App

Improve the current app experience by introducing elements of dynamism, surprise, and delight that would lead to customer engagement.

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ATK Digital Twin App

Design a smart application that enables real-time visibility into shipment’s location, predictive analysis for demand forecasting and more.

Pebbles of Hope App

Redesign the app allow medical professionals and parents of preemie babies to be able to communicate and ask/answer any concerns they might have.