Selected Work

From flowmaps, wireframes and prototypes to visual designs, it’s a never ending journey on the path to expanding my skillset.

Kum & Go &Rewards App

Improve the current app experience by introducing elements of dynamism, surprise, and delight that would lead to customer engagement.

ATK Digital Twin App

Design a smart application that enables real-time visibility into shipment’s location, predictive analysis for demand forecasting and more.

Pebbles of Hope App

Redesign the app allow medical professionals and parents of preemie babies to be able to communicate and ask/answer any concerns they might have.

Side hustles

Annotate It! Figma Plugin

Annotate it! makes it easy to annotate your wireframes and/or designs the smart way. Simply select a frame and click a button to create annotations automagically.
Used by 29.7k+ designers
❤️ 690+
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Fetch Rewards core UX

Flowmaps Figma Library

Auto-Layout Flowmap blocks, labels and sections anytime you want to start creating UX flowmaps.
Used by 8.3k+ designers
❤️ 150+

Design Studio Jamming Board

Design Studio is a collaborative sketching workshop that helps teams work together to solve UX problems. Use this FigJam board to brainstorm and articulate product feature solutions and ideas.
Figma Jamming Board Library

Notes & Annotations

Auto-Layout Notes and Annotations for anytime you want to start documenting your deliverables for handoff to developers or just casually taking notes!
Used by 2.8k+ designers
❤️ 85+
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LeafyGuide - Find your healthy place

Connecting you with the best vegan, organic and healthy restaurants, cafes and bars near you.
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BeYou: Just let it out App

BeYou: Just let it out

Unleash Your Words. Find Inner Peace.
Express yourself freely with BeYou, the app that allows you to write from the heart. Release your emotions, reduce triggers, and find solace through writing. Let your words become the medicine that brings you inner harmony.
BeYou: Just let it out app screenshot

Annotate It!

A Figma plugin to automate the process of annotating designs.
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Notes & Annotations

Annotation and notes community file for Figma
A Figma community file for creating notes & annotations.
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Flowmap Community file for Figma
Figma community file for creating user flowmaps or even information architecture mapping.
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UXtionary - Resource for UX and Figma
A go-to-resource for all things UX design and Figma (work in progress).
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